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We are dedicated to providing diverse housing opportunities in our community. Our development projects focus on creating mixed-income, pocket communities alongside key community partners, including Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity.

The Ottawa County Housing Crisis

In 2023, the median sales price for existing homes was $375,400, posing a significant barrier for first-time homebuyers, who struggle to accumulate sufficient funds for down payments and other upfront costs associated with homeownership. Consequently, many are forced into becoming cost-burdened, allocating 30% or more of their monthly income towards housing expenses.

Within Ottawa County, 12,357 homeowners find themselves grappling with housing affordability issues.

The escalating costs associated with mortgages far outpace income growth. Moreover, the rate of housing construction fails to keep pace with demand, exacerbating the problem. Often new constructions are priced beyond the means of Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed (ALICE) families within our community.

Learn more about ALICE in our blog.

Housing Needs*


Homes Needed in the $150-$250k Range

$200/sq ft

Median Home Cost


Median Cost of a 1,500 sq ft Home


Of Ottawa County Households are in ALICE

Attainable Housing Boosts Our Economy

The upward economic movement of community members leads to overall community growth. And attainable homes increase the funds available to the city through property taxes, which contribute to the overall growth of our local economy.

Furthermore, studies show that access to housing:

Increases education completion rates (source)

Boosts attendance and productivity in both school and work settings (source)

Increases participation in community activities (source)

Improves overall child behavior and welfare (source)

Increases a child’s chance of graduating from college (source)

Improves families’ overall financial situation (source)

Our Strategic Housing Partners

Building Mixed Income Neighborhoods Together

Renovating Houses in Downtown Neighborhoods

Our Corporate Partners

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