About Jubilee Ministries

Our Mission: Strengthening neighborhoods in the greater Holland area through the development of attainable housing options, the stewardship of vital community assets, and collaboration with key community partners.

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Who We Are

Jubilee Ministries creates pathways to first-time homeownership through the development of attainable housing. The majority of available housing in our community is priced above what a family making area median income can afford, which inhibits their economic mobility and precludes them from participating in one of the best ways to build wealth: homeownership. Jubilee builds the missing middle housing that empowers our neighbors to grow their wealth.

We are nimble and innovative.

As the housing market constantly shifts, we quickly respond with innovative solutions to meet the housing needs of our community.

We build quality homes.

We plan carefully to maximize the beauty and comfort of our homes with ample storage space, landscaping and modern exteriors designed to match the aesthetic of the community.

We build communities.

More than housing developments, we are intentional about creating strong neighborhoods in partnership with other local organizations.

What We Do

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All of our housing projects center on creating access to and opportunities for homeownership for the Missing Middle population in the Greater Holland Area. Why? Because homeownership is one of the best tools for building wealth and allowing families and individuals to have an opportunity for upward mobility that they may not have otherwise had in our community.

Homeownership also allows for stability of families and individuals which leads to increased employee and talent retention and assists in stabilizing our workforce.

We are one of many great nonprofit organizations in the Greater Holland Area working to provide attainable housing options to our community. We also partner with several organizations that address and create other forms of attainable housing. Jubilee’s goal is not to duplicate services and resources already being provided, and as such, we are the only nonprofit in our community working to build for-sale housing for the 80%-120% Area Median Income demographic.

Our Partners

Building Mixed Income Neighborhoods Together

Managing Jubilee’s Rental Properties

Renovating Houses in Downtown Neighborhoods

Special call out to Budget Blinds of Holland for your continued donations of new products and services.

Our History

Jubilee has grown from renovating one house at a time to building six tiny homes, to implementing five modular homes in the Park Vista community, to now building 24 townhomes in our Vista Green mixed-income housing development in partnership with Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity.

Jubilee got its start at Maple Ave Ministries as a community development organization that addressed housing, job training, small business start-up, car repair, education grants, and various other projects related to community development.

July 1, 1999
July 1, 1999
35 West 17th

Dave Kool founded and started Jubilee (10-15 houses were renovated in the following few years).


Jubilee purchased the Midtown Block with the idea of creating one community nonprofit building (Midtown Center) and one building of affordable housing apartments (Midtown Village).

2005-Midtown Center

Steve joins Jubilee amid the renovation efforts.

Midtown Center Exterior

Jubilee sold Midtown Village to Dwelling Place, and finished renovations on the Midtown Center.


Jubilee shifted focus to operating the Midtown Center and renovating houses.

Park Vista Home

Jubilee renovated/provided 32 homes to the Holland community, including Park Vista Place.

Vista Green Construction

Jubilee started building the Vista Green townhomes, our largest housing development to date!

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