Vista Green Townhomes

Jubilee Ministries is partnering with Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity to construct 42 housing units, 18 single-family houses and 24 townhouses, at 285 W. 36th Street. The first 5 housing units are currently under construction.

Jubilee is partnering with Baumann Building, Inc. for this project. Baumann will build the Missing Middle-style affordable townhomes. Jubilee aims to continue to build 10 quality, attainable housing units a year for many years to come.

Construction Updates

April 30: Sidewalks have been poured and the garages are finished! Next up is receiving occupancy on each of the units.

March 28: One unit is complete and the others are progressing. Backsplash and counters are being installed in the other units along with flooring and carpeting.

March 26: Hardware and lighting are being added to the other two units in the 3-unit townhome. Other interior finishes happening this week include flooring, first floor bathroom, and entryway benches.

March 20: The 2-unit siding is now complete!! Exterior finishes are almost finished for the first 5 units, next up is siding for the garages and then the final stain on the exterior doors.

March 14: The first of five units is now complete!! We love to see the progress. The four other units will be finalized in the next month. Once we have sidewalks in, we will be able to obtain occupancy for all units and have homeowners move in.

March 5: Carpet, backsplash, and hardware have been installed in one of the units - flooring and interior finishes continue in the other units.

March 1: Siding has been completed on the 3-unit townhome.

February 20: Lots of progress happening out at Vista Green this week! Countertops are being installed, the garages have been framed, interior painting and exterior siding are both taking place this week, hopefully to be finished by next week.

February 13: The framing of the garages has started this week! The siding has also started this week - stay tuned for weekly updates to see how the exteriors of the homes transform.

January 31: Cabinets and doors are being installed in all the units this week. Interior finishes and siding will all be taking place in the next couple of weeks.

January 24: Drywall is complete in all 5 units and exterior trimming is in progress set to be complete this week.

January 15: Drywall in all 5 units will be finalized this week and siding for all units has been delivered. Stay tuned for progress pictures on the finalizing of the exteriors of the homes.

January 10: Drywalling is taking place out at all 5 of the Vista Green units this week!

Additional Photos

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