Park Vista Home Buyer Story – The Olmos Family

“After a quick and unexpected move to Holland, we found our family of 5 in a temporary apartment. We settled ourselves in the area, and then began to look for a more permanent home. The housing market was very difficult for us to break into, so we decided to wait. After being in the apartment for 3 years, we felt it was time to look again. We made an offer on a home but were outbid. Our desire to give our children roots seemed thwarted at every turn.

Several friends and family members directed us to Jubilee. The idea that it would be a possibility was exciting and at the same time, we held our breath a little, as it seemed dream-like that we could get a brand new home that was affordable for us. Fast forward several months later and

we are the proud owners of a Jubilee home! It is such a blessing to be able to tuck our kids into bed at night and know that we belong in that space and that it’s ours. Having a community of other families around us has been an added bonus. The kids love playing with their neighbors!

We are so thankful for Jubilee! They met our need and made our hope a reality.”

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