Park Vista Home Buyer Story – Blok Family

“Holland has always been our place. Although we both grew up elsewhere, we met and started dating at Hope, got engaged at Centennial Park, and got married at Pillar Church. This is why, after a year of living overseas, the decision to move back to Holland was an easy choice. We started out renting, unsure of our next steps, but when we discovered we were expecting twins, we quickly moved towards searching for a permanent home where we could raise our children. House hunting was a daunting prospect – we knew the housing market was tough, and Holland homes were expensive.

We wanted a place we could be proud of, somewhere that would be safe and beautiful for our (rapidly) growing family; that seemed like a pipe dream on a nurse’s income as property after property within our budget failed to meet our needs. We were losing hope. We heard about Jubilee through a Holland Sentinel news article, and called over simply to get some information. The response we received was instantaneous, and overwhelmingly generous. We toured and were offered a beautiful (and affordable!) new home within 24 hours. At every stage of this process, the staff at Jubilee Ministries have been wonderful and supportive. We could not be more excited to live at Park Vista Place. We are overjoyed, humbled, and thankful for this amazing opportunity.”

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