Park Vista Home Buyer Story – Becca Barth

“After renting a one-bedroom apartment in Holland for over six years, I wanted a home in which I could build equity, put down real roots, and prepare for the future. As a single-income young professional, the housing market in Holland completely barred me from my dream of owning a home. I was discouraged looking at homes in the area, realizing I could barely afford to live in places that were barely livable. I heard about Jubilee Ministries from work and even volunteered in one of the Habitat homes in the Park Vista development. When a coworker mentioned Jubilee still had a home available, I jumped at the chance.

My new home is perfect for me! I have a small yard that’s easy to maintain and I’m right across the street from a park where I can take my dog for walks. The extra bedrooms mean I have an office and can work remotely, and a guest room so my out-of-town family has a place to stay when visiting. I am so grateful to Jubilee for the opportunity to purchase one of their homes and become a part of the amazing community they’ve built.”

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