What is the Missing Middle

Jubilee’s mission is to provide Missing Middle style housing to the Middle Income population in our area. What is the Missing Middle and why do we seek to serve this population?

Missing Middle style housing “is a range of house-scale buildings with multiple units – compatible in scale and form with detached single-family homes- located in a walkable neighborhood” (Opticos Design). The idea behind this style of housing is to increase density to address the housing shortage, while also creating walkable, and therefore accessible, communities.

Jubilee works specifically with the Middle Income population in providing this style of housing because the population of households in the 80%-120% Area Median Income are currently facing the highest shortage in attainable housing options in the United States [in comparison to all other income brackets].

So how is Jubilee providing Missing Middle style housing for the Middle Income population? Our current housing project, Vista Green, will consist of 24 townhomes (a mix of Missing Middle Style duplexes and triplexes) and provide high-density, quality attainable housing options to our target demographic.

Learn more about the missing middle in this blog by Obticos Design.

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