The Effect of Homeownership on Individual Wealth and the Community

According to Discover on Why Homeownership is Good for Everyone, “Homeownership helps to improve the areas surrounding individual homes. The housing industry is closely tied to the economy – when home sales are up, so are jobs. Together, these complementary forces create a more stable local, state, and national economy.”

Homeownership has both tangible and intangible effects on communities that are long-lasting and far-reaching. Jubilee’s mission in building Missing-Middle style housing is to subsidize our homes and guarantee that our homes are sold to homeowners based on income to guarantee long-lasting affordability.

The Holland community is rapidly growing in our diversified economy with many large companies residing here or moving here. To keep up with the growth, it is essential to have sufficient housing units available for the current and future residents of Holland. According to the Bowen National Research Center, we are in need of several hundred new-build housing units in the community to accommodate our current economic growth.

Jubilee and our partner, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, are working hard to provide such housing units through our two new developments, Park Vista Place (10 new houses) and Vista Green (42 new housing units).

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